07 February 2015

Broken Down

it's not appealing traveling at night
I had a feeling that didn't seem right
Go back! Go back! That's what I say
we should travel during the day
Deja vue we've done this before I said
go back, turn around and head home instead

it was shocking car dies to our delight
now we're walking under a full moon's light
Faster! Faster! Must get away
it's not safe for us if we stray
we have to stay on the straight path ahead
Faster we did go and quickly we sped

sky diving were little brown bats that bite
just surviving tonight will take great heights
Duck down! Duck down! Now stay
bats can't see us if we're this way
there were four of us, now two, two are dead
duck down walk this way they go for the head

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

Staccato Poem

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