03 January 2015

Yes, I'm Fish

I'm Pisces, the zodiac fish
on the body I'm feet
very little I accomplish
but fish are really sweet
they like to swim inside my head
one is blue and the other red
they like to swim
they like to swim
oh, excuse me, what's that you said

I've difficulties standing still
can't watch a television show
you would think I took a pep pill
has me feeling like a yo yo
they're mystical that much is true
and the moon makes them feel like new
they're mystical
they're mystical
twisters of words read what they do

they're not afraid of what they write
memory is going
they're mostly nice but yes they bite
hear the water flowing
swim back and forth then up and down
very seriously a clown
swim back and forth
swim back and forth
an upside down smile is a frown

Trijan Refrain Poem
Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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