10 January 2015


that's all they are just superstitions
in your head a mental condition
etched into your mind leaving a scar
just superstitions that's all they are

a four leaf clover lucky if eaten
anything to stop getting beaten
I'll even search the whole field over
lucky if eaten a four leaf clover

counting the crows one's bad two's lucky
higher the number it gets yucky
this is a fable everyone knows
one's bad two's lucky counting the crows

brake a mirror bad luck seven years
no sense in wasting all of those tears
as trepidation becomes clearer
bad luck seven years brake a mirror

a predictor of death the Jinxed bird
important it shouldn't be disturbed
twisting it's neck it takes your last breath
the Jinxed bird a predictor of death

step on a crack brake your mother's back
on the sidewalk with kids during snack
I knew where each one was I kept track
brake your mother's back step on a crack

my favorite day unlucky thirteen
or like in March it's the color green
but for some people it's not that way
unlucky thirteen my favorite day

with ringing bells we frighten spirits
as children sing religious lyrics
unknowingly casting binding spells
we frighten spirits with ringing bells

the horseshoe and the number seven
seemed to be blessed as if by heaven
so many people believe it's true
the number seven and the horseshoe

Swap Quatrain Poem
Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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