29 January 2015

Stupid Cupid

Twelve months have passed and it's that time I fear
when love from his hand comes around each year
Cupid! Cupid! though very smart
I wont let you get to my heart
There's absolutely nothing I could do
Cupid's been keeping an eye on me too

He was being nice, made me feel queer
My blood turns to ice whenever he's near
Get him! Get him! it's all his fault
he started this love bug assault
He had it out for me this much I knew
Get him, catch him, pluck his wings one and two

Looking so smug with that smile on your face
Gave me the bug that quickened my heart's pace
Love me! Love me! Please wont you stay
See what his poison makes me say
Clouding my judgment, sight is all hazy
love me, I beg, before go crazy

After a week of being together
our future looks bleak I could do beter
Get out! Get out! you have to go
Thought it was love what did I know
Cupid's arrow shot me right in the heart
get out, it wore off, it's time you depart

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

Staccato Poem

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