23 January 2015

My Nightmares

I was out riding a nightmare
sounds like a scary thing to do
although it's something that's very rare
I can do it that much is true
     things I can do with a nightmare
     there very rare that much is true

Unlike horses they move faster
so fast they seem like a blur
find them at any disaster
they're so majestic I concur
     they move faster then any blur
     I concur they like disasters

While I was riding a nightmare
I visited worlds of wonder
I had visions beyond compare
breath of flames and sounds of thunder
     I don't wonder about nightmares
     one can compare them to thunder

Creature's with magical powers
there incredible black stallions
that sometimes will graze on flowers
and on the rare gold medallions
     stallions with magical powers
     eats flowers and gold medallions

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

Inverted Refrain Poem

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