04 January 2015

Hurts No More

My heart's beating like a base drum
and my arm went suddenly numb
am I having a heart attack
the world's spinning, all's turning black
while trying to calm down I start over heating
I know something is wrong by how my heart's beating

The blood's pumping throughout my veins
my body feels weighed down with chains
trepidation cause teary eyes
no knife, I'll have to improvise
with a piece of broken glass I'll slow that thumping
slit my wrist and from my body the blood's pumping

Covered in red, pressure did stop
feeling drained on the floor I drop
there was a funny sense of calm
the blood stained glass still in my palm
knowing that it wouldn't be long before I'm dead
taking one last breath they'll find me covered in red

Wrapped Refrain Poem
Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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