04 January 2015

Get the hint, I love you

the things I'd do to keep you here
bend over backwards face my fears
and make your world seem fresh and new
to keep you here the things I'd do

drives me crazy my heart's healing
you woke up a dormant feeling
one that's been a bit too lazy
my heart's healing drives me crazy

started as lust this blooming love
I thank the goddess up above
for giving me someone to trust
this blooming love started as lust

you're the artist and I'm the clay
your hands mold me in your on way
like a reaper on a harvest
I'm the clay and you're the artist

when we're alone what should we do
an evil grin come shinning through
I grab your crotch you start to moan
what should we do when we're alone

it excites me and makes me grow
awaiting pleasure pain you know
being together as a we
it makes me grow and excites me

I'm here for you do as you please
start by forcing me on my knees
obstruct my breathing 'til I'm blue
do as you please I'm here for you

with your pre cum please wet my lips
down on my knees holding your hips
I beg to taste it with my tongue
please wet my lips with your pre cum

when you treat me rough I like it
be with your hand or flogger hit
super charged I can't get enough
I like it when you treat me rough

hot kinky sex and pleasure pain
heightens the senses in my brain
as if I were under your hex
pleasure pain and hot kinky sex

the night does end it's time for rest
this evening I'm really blessed
know I love you more then a friend
it's time for rest the night does end

Swap Quatrain Poem
Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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