20 January 2015

Elphaba Said

Dogs playing in puddles chasing the frogs
Frogs doing there best dodging the dogs
Cats searching the night skies for the bats
Bats blinded sight is wary of the cats
Raven guards the entrance to my haven
Haven for my heart rest with the raven

Eyes of newt, spiders web and a black fly
Fly my winged monkies I'll see through your eyes
Hide if you want I'll search near and wide
Wide eyed dominions will find where you hide
Time is on my side leaving you in a bind
Bind you with spells you'll be mine in no time

Well, well, playing games, how about show and tell
Tell me what I need to know and you will do well
Violent clouds shadow my moods as you stay silent
Silent of tongue angers me and makes me violent
I had my fill of you it's now time to die

Die and end this relationship between you and I

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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