23 January 2015

don't discriminate

acceptance to change is only imminent
no longer a time of Mis, Misses or Mister
there's no excuse for there being ignorance

we've always been here like the cold of winter
but before the waters get any hotter
know we're no longer eccentrics or spinsters

we got prosecuted, verbaly slaughtered
because we resist and refused to conform
can't you recognize us your sons and daughters

still there are so many people misinformd
no longer silent ripping out my sutures
crawl from under your rock and get with the norm

from here on we stand up to our abuser
tired of all the pain we had to undergo
we're in the past, the presant and the future

watching our numbers continue to grow
hoping that you are an intellectual
there's one thing we have in common we're homo

our love for each other is consenual
so comparabley we're not that different
either or both sapien or sexual

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince
Line Messaging

Terza-rima Poetry Form

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