17 January 2015

Damn Rumors

it was lost during translation
in the back part of my head
was some miscommunication

he said he said kind of bull shit
just made me so mad I could spit

I moved along with trepidation
instead of getting misled
each step a fine calculation

It's like tip toeing on egg shells
or a cat's tail tied up with bells

finding a solid foundation
trying to make it ahead
took a look at my creation

built a kingdom and called it home
just a house 'cause I'm all alone

they said I liked masturbation
how those nasty rumors spread
like an itchy irritation

poison ivy massage oils
I rub it in it causes boils

scared of the humiliation
my face was flushed and red
wishing I lost my sensation

while my heart had palpitations
said I was better off dead
I upheld my reputation
with the highest validation

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince
GrĂ¡ Reformata Poem

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