23 January 2015

Becoming a Poet

I was very fascinated
by how the words came together
like combining flesh and leather

then I became aggravated
by how the rhymes would allude me
left me screaming like a banshee

then got very agitated
by the different forms and templates
seems I'm constantly fighting fate

it shouldn't be complicated
the spelling and interjections
trying to succeed perfection

I was very fascinated
in the beginning with the words
like new computers and the nerds

but then I got saturated
words were inhabiting my dreams
was so overwhelmed I could scream

I was incapacitated
when my mind suddenly went blank
I was relieved to be quite frank

I became dilapidated
I was extremely angry pissed
all because of the words I missed

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

Constanza Poem

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