07 December 2014

night invasion

living alone in a one room Flatt
took a sleeping pill, off to la la land
I fell deep into slumber and dreamed
in the distance I saw him in the sand
the perfect man in only a hat

woke up suddenly as if on fire
to realize my limbs were tightly bound
I couldn't see it was still too dark
whoever it is there didn't make a sound
just have to wait to see what transpires

it felt like a dream, almost unreal
I pulled at the ropes trying to get free
until I felt a whack on my ass
trying to think who this person could be
it was becoming quite the ordeal

whoever it is I know they're near
confirmed by two hands exploring my skin
while turmoil took over my feelings
loosing control as my world starts to spin
combined together my lust and fear

with fingers he violates my hole
getting it ready he lubes it with spit
then climbs on and forces in his dick
I was both scared and aroused I admit
as he raped my ass with his fuck pole

embarrassed to say when he came I came
he even fulfilled my fantasy
royally fucked by a guy with no name

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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