08 November 2014

Dreams Find Me

I lay down welcoming sleep
close my eyes it's pleasantly dark
wasn't long I started to dream
images created in my mind
in constant conflict, dark vs light
entertaining me all through the night

no rhyme or reason no day or night
am I awake while I sleep
an oxymoron I'm blinded by light
I fell into the dark
I'm loosing my mind
this has to be a dream

a nightmare delivered this dream
had me tossing all night
used the thoughts from my mind
still fresh as I fell asleep
morbid, twisted and dark
I was exhausted come first light

feeling exposed in the light
I duck into the back alley's of my dream
seedy, lustful and dark
sins of the flesh take place all night
getting me aroused while I sleep
sexually stimulated by my mind

relaxed I clear my mind
keep thoughts up beat and light
prepping myself for sleep
hoping for a fun mystical dream
with magical creatures and stars in the night
closed my eyes and drifted off into the dark

drifted forever, opened my eyes saw only dark
stumble around, blind, is this a trick of mind
last thing I remember, going to sleep last night
hold on, wait, there's a glimmer, a light
a faery was fluttering around, I'm in a dream
the funny things that happen in my sleep

I can't wait 'til it's dark and I can turn out the light
let my mind open up and create me a dream
that wont keep me up all night, allow me to sleep

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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