05 October 2014

wings of a black bird

dark alley following a punk
excitement is the unknowing
while in my jeans lust is growing
he made contact with lots of spunk

coming up close
and face to face
he smiled and said
lets go to my place
how could I argue
so we did

like an angel he was glowing
slightly tipsy 'cuse he was drunk
I was sex deprived like a monk
his cock in hand needed blowing

he gently pushed me down
onto my knees
I slowly took him in
tasting icing
he swelled and filled me up
I swallowed every last drop

Zurück Kegelbahn treffen, wird eine Nacht Romantik
German, Translation:
Back alley meeting, becomes a night romance

Laliberta Poetry Form
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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