04 October 2014

can't have the heart

it was your kiss that made my night
stolen from under the moon light
my heart infected with love's bite
filled with delight, filled with delight

like the phoenix my love did fly
wings of fire ignite the sky
gets higher, fizzles out and dies
tears in my eyes, tears in my eyes

I watched as it rose from the dead
it was almost black, a brick red
I suddenly felt full of dread
last tear I shed, last tear I shed

I'll always love you, always care
even when drowning in despair
I'm damaged goods, my heart's impaired
strangers beware, strangers beware

I see grey between right and wrong
once in a while black comes along
I am weak and you are so strong
like in a song, like in a song

found I needed constant feeding
deaf ears hear my constant pleading
reciting the things I'm needing
heart left bleeding, heart left bleeding

Monotetra Poetry
Love is a Four Letter Word
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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