07 October 2014

An awakening Vigilante

 I used the tittle of each piece from my newest publication
Where's My Asylum
 to create this one for your enjoyment.

dehumanized society
should have kept it a secret
the colors of the flame
amnesiac moments
slipping away
in my head
no remorse
how it began
blame the insurance
medication failure
awaiting the reunion

just a little bit crazy
whispering nothing sweet
one small overlook
can't let you go
eat at all cost
such a pessimist
first apothecary
voice of enlightenment
where's the white rabbit
love you to death
my trophies
wine and pills
bad example
acid trip gone wrong

my turn to discipline
ode to a cutter
in the shadows
on the brink
liquid breaths
she's a keeper
daddy's little girl
back to mother nature

blue blooded I'm not
I can come home
where's my asylum
we called it home
comments scar

Copyright © 2014 By Patrick B Vince

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