17 September 2014

Weird Sensation

he tormented me for so many years
and severely beat me until I broke
then lost all that power after a stroke

it was my chance, he was going to pay
taking my time to finalize a way

I'll take his last breath, which seemed to be fair
how should I do it, push him down the stairs
or accidentally drown him in the tub
a bit more violent, beat him with a club
too messy a task but I have a plan
make it personal and use my hands

at dusk, everything was in place, on track
tonight's the night his breath I'll extract

I decided on a goose down pillow
with a plastic insert in the middle
using one hand I held the pillow tight
covering his face, he began to fight
with my other hand I blocked every blow
but still felt his breathing through the pillow

I ignored the coughing and the pleading
I heard his heart struggle to stay beating
his life diminishing, softening his screams
then stopped his fighting, arms fell to his side

than silence, question, was he still alive
was it done, finished, was he really gone

I heard a giggle, somehow it seemed wrong
listening closely, the sound came from me
I removed the pillow so I could see
his mouth was open in a silent scream

the dead man's eyes was looking back at me
looking closer, I saw the soul was hiding
Death had a contract and it was binding
drawing out the soul, I could hear it scream
I watched a bit more, it was like a dream
giving Death privacy I closed the lids

I do not have remorse for what I did
after taking his life I was reeling
it was a weird sensation, a feeling

letting Death do his thing deep down inside
I covered up the corpse and said good bye

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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