16 September 2014

Sir's in love

you want to be my Boy
do as I say, make me happy
wear my collar
get bound with rope
let me do whatever I want to you
you readily agree, lust trumping love

smacking your ass is what I love
by that smile, so do you, right Boy
stand up, I have plans for you
I'm going to make you painfully happy
bind your arms and legs with rope
don your neck with a leather collar

lead you by the collar
follow like a pup in love
you look poetic dressed up in rope
it feels good though, doesn't it Boy
I'm glad you're happy
things are about to get exciting for you

intermingle pleasure with pain for you
restrain you to the bed by your collar
pre cumming 'cuse my dick's happy
I grab and twist your balls like you love
took it with a smile, one tough Boy
then I tied and stretched them with rope

balls to collar pulled tight with rope
you're full of sexual energy, you animal, you
I see your excitement grow, dirty Boy
straddle your chest with my dick on your collar
open your mouth show me some love
I heard you're orally gifted make me happy

impressed, you took me beyond happy
repositioned you along with the rope
look at that hairy ass, think I'm in love
pat and lube your Boy hole teasing you
I push against it holding on to your collar
cock past your sphincter, you're one tight Boy

we are both happy with me mounting you
while bound with rope wearing only a collar
what I'm saying is, I love that you're kinky Boy

Sestina Poem
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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