14 September 2014

Positively Poetry

almost had a thought
but it keeps eluding me
can't seem to grasp it
don't think it's that important
Probably not at this time

expected great things because I was kind
from early childhood, through the years,to old age
gave into my heart, left the mind behind
hung up on feelings like love, lust, hate and rage

Oppressing negativity blackens the soul, let in light

instant poetry pops out of my head
just like this one that you are reading now
keeps my head clear of clutter and cobwebs

letters grow up to become sentences
Every sentence becomes a creation

many have said it is so cathartic
not that I am disagreeing with it 
only wish I wasn't so lethargic
poetry isn't just rhyming and wit

Today, express your emotions on paper

quaint books
reading, writing, thoughts collide
some words expressing fire or ice
try your hand at writing your own poem
Really relaxing

virtually everywhere
writing like mad
xanthic parchment awaits written words
You may be surprised at what you discover

zenith moon over the Caspian Sea drifts like words on the wind

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

Names of poetry forms/styles represented :
ABC Poem , Name Poem, Didactic Fibonacci, Didactic Cinquain, Tanka,  
Carpe diem, Terza Rima, Couplet, Quatrain, verse


  1. I got 3 right. lol. Must have taken a lot work for you to put this together. I'm sorry more people didn't try to participate. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Misslady Raincorn, it was rewording in itself. I'm glad I'm able to share it.