21 September 2014

Please, tell me I'm wrong

am I being paranoid
because I don't feel welcomed
can't shake the feeling you
don't want me around anymore
please tell me I'm wrong

even now I sit and wonder
from what point did it change
grew apart it seemed
having forgotten our hearts
tell me I'm wrong please

I didn't mention how mine was pained
jacked up as if on cocaine
keeping it's rhythm steady, relaxed
let me down gently
I am wrong, tell me please

men shouldn't play games
nut up and say it how it is
open mouth and voice it loud
preposterous as it may seem
tell me please I'm wrong

questions like when, who
really shouldn't be asked
since we aren't a couple
that's were it got confusing
please if I'm wrong tell me

under our skin a love did bloom
vicious and fast
washing over each of us differently
xeric heart in my chest betrays me
if I'm wrong tell me please

you no longer seem approachable
zing lost from your eyes

please tell me if I'm wrong
ABC Poem
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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