12 September 2014

Monsters are Real

closet is empty
and nothing under the bed
no need to worry
lay on down and rest your head
there's no bogymen around

shadows come alive
when daddy closes the door
window seems to smile
I so badly want to cry
I felt the darkness coming

I stifled my cries
buried them in a pillow
whispers of the night
malevolent eyes glowing
last bit of courage, I screamed

all hell broke lose than
a monster smashed down my door
burning flames for eyes
smell of decay on his breath
he is oddly familiar

what is this, can't be
my daddy, he is possessed
the dark seemed safer
I hid under the covers
hoping the monster would leave

before things went black
my daddy's eyes all blood shot
was distraught with freight
hit me again and again
until the life left my eyes

sunshine and morning
a shell of where I had been
just before I died
one question I'd like to ask
why daddy, please tell me, why

Regurgitated Reality
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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