26 September 2014

in the dorm

Saturday, sitting around in your dorm
I asked, want to watch some porn
I have one about gang banging a jock
it should still play, it's only a little worn
in response I heard the click of the lock
you started stripping, all I could do was gawk
you aroused my sexual feeling
I got instantly hard when I saw your cock
I even think I drooled, it was so appealing
wasn't long and I was between your legs kneeling
there was no need for foreplay, or flirtation
your shaft my lips were squeezing
you just relax I don't mind self masturbation
not when I'm feeding an oral fixation
and boy how I enjoyed blowing your horn
you came, in your eyes I saw only admiration

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince
rhyming scheme : aaba bbcb ccdc ddad

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