24 September 2014

I'm a Lucky Boy

you bound my hands above my head
my legs you spread wide and each got tied
elaborate knots keep me in bed
you're free to do what's on your mind

you wrap my balls up tight with rope
as you caress then physically grope

I'm hard with anticipation
you're driving me crazy I confess
blindfold causes trepidation
you squeezed my nipples and grabbed my chest

stimulate erogenous zones
know I like it when you smack my ass
you took me places I've never known
expectations quickly surpassed

wasn't long and I was begging
it was so hot you had me sweating

enjoyed pleasure pain sensation
it excites me more then I guessed
hands on my neck, strangulation
making me come hands free, I'm impressed

from that point on if you wanted to play
all you had to do was call my name


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Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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