07 September 2014

increased attraction

only lust
carnal sex, hard, rough
bind me down, tie me up
you make me bow to your every whim
physical contact
emotional connection
didn't think a stronger feeling would sink in
hard to admit it was love
couldn't keep it away
soul mates
this life
wasn't meant to be
take the sex and physical contact
we should have it every chance we can
raw, pure
animal lust
with masculine beings who are butch, tall, rugged
muscles to pound on, beat, caress
flesh on man flesh
like thunder
and lightening
there's kissing, hugging, grouping
exploring each other completely, missing nothing
so much more than being something just physical
it's you
and me

Cinquain Didactic Mirror Poem
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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