26 August 2014


you were next to me sleeping soft and sound
I was close enough I could feel your heat
watching you breathe felt so profound
my eyes traced your outline in the sheet

my eyes adjusted to the lack there of light
besides the sheet you were completely undressed
gazing at your masculine body was a delight
I took it further and touched your chest

your hair soft under my fingertips
erect nipples begging for attention
reflexivity I licked my lips
than felt your heart beat without apprehension

I let my hand linger, absorbing the rhythm
than gave a squeeze to each of your nipples
at this point I was beyond reason
it was like a dream come true, a miracle

the sheet fell off as if it was silk
exposing a stunningly handsome man
hairy strong and well built
right now I was your number one fan

your breathing was still steady
taking you in my hand I exposed your head
the time was now and I was ready
it's been a long time since I was fed

I heard it's just like riding a bike
instead take a breath and open wide
it's the taste that I really like
this is one I will not be denied

without me knowing, at some point, you woke
you kept going with the groove
holding my head you worked my throat
by moaning I showed you I approve

I felt the swelling, pulsating, an omen
seemed you grew twice your size
force it down, hold it still, as if frozen
when you shot it was a sweet surprise

I swallowed ever last drop, draining you dry
you convulsed, got all tense and than past out
smiling I got the sheet and covered your thighs
since then, been repeated but never talked about

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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