29 August 2014


can you imagine, you and me, roommates
there's nothing about me that's a secrete
you have proven you have nothing to hide
forgot to tell you ink is my weakness
and yours continuously caught my eye

you're comfortable in your body I see
lounging around in just your under shorts
the day I decided to be gutsy
you in turn wore only a jock support
I cupped your jewels with my hand

you had fallen asleep on the couch
I wanted to do more than fantasize
my nose was only inches from your pouch
my warm breath was instigating a rise
straining against the jocks mesh

I bet your skin would taste sweet on my tongue
there was a stillness in the air, you moved
readjusted, set it loose, damn you're hung
salivation, my way of saying I approve
I could see the glistening of pre cum

you were still asleep, lost in a dream
gently I held you in my hand, squeezing
pulling back the skin I saw the fresh cream
the invitation was more than pleasing
I opened wide and swallowed you down

not long after that you started to moan
hands gently on the back of my head
enjoying the moment of being blown
shot deep down my throat, it's me you fed
I swallowed every last drop and smiled

this became a regular occurrence
I had a special way of relieving your stress
I had become your loyal servant
the best at oral massages I do profess
kind of like roommates with benefits

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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