31 August 2014

Love in the strangest of places

blindfolded I waited as told
after getting bare ass-ed naked
felt cold concrete and could smell mold
anxious and visibly shaken
I hear the shutting of a door

then I heard footsteps approaching
standing straight, I felt someone close
heard a voice say “Boy, I'm the Coach”
I felt vulnerable, exposed
as rope coiled around my flesh

he bound my hands behind my back
legs were spread and tied to a bar
my ass he gave a nice hard whack
it was everything but bizarre
a part of me floated away

what's left is relaxed and centered
he bent me over a table
with spit for lube I was entered
lust driven, I felt unstable
with balls in deep he held me tight

my heartbeat skipped as he filled me
I realized I was in love

Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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